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Our first drone inspection and survey of 2020!

After fattening up over the Christmas break, it's time to get back to it... Not the gym, the drone flying!

This week we conducted our first inspection and survey of 2020 at a south Yorkshire school. This stunning 17th century building is located north west of the city centre, and offers some fantastic structural features (that just aren't found in modern architecture). Sadly, the roof on this building has taken some harsh battering over the years from the elements. Our client is due to renovate this building in the coming months, but wasn't sure on just how far to go with the roofing and high level structural repairs... This is where we came in.

Airmap Limited offered a full roofing inspection and survey of 2 buildings on this site. Along with checking the roof condition, we also inspected all chimney stacks, stonework features, lead flashing and rainfall water guttering. It was soon clear that this building is in need of some TLC from up top. Lots of cracked and missing tiles, along with roofing features that had significant structural damage. With the use of our 30x zoom lens, our remote pilot was able to scan and locate even the smallest areas of concern, whilst still keeping within the legal separation distances for our granted permissions.

The images below is a great example of how well our zoom capabilities help us in the surveying and inspecting side of our business. This damage wasn't viable with the naked eye from ground level. The stacks below have undergone some harsh battering from the elements, season on season. Our observations have made it clear to the end user just how urgent certain parts of the building need attention. All of this collected data was then complied into our detailed and comprehensive Survey and Inspection Report. The report covers all findings in great detail along with geographical referencing for roofing contractors to follow, later down the line.

High level drone surveying and inspecting on areas that are difficult to access, has huge benefits in terms of efficiency, cost saving and ultimately, human safety. Boots are always much better on the ground.

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