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How to find the correct drone service provider

Updated: May 21, 2019

Ever wonder what you should be looking out for in a drone service provider? Sure there are many of us out there, but always keep your whits about you when booking services for aerial work. We've outlined 5 main points to what we believe,. should be the basic requirements before placing an order with an unfarmilliar drone service provider:

1 - Always make sure that the operator has a valid PfCO (permission for commercial operations) graunted by the CAA (Civil aviation authority).

2 - Make sure that your operator has a valid and in-date insurance certificate cover note. This is a document that you are well within your rights to ask for to check out before hiring a selected company. As a bear minimum, an operator should also have public liability insurance to at least £1m.

3 - Always check out a companies previous work. Find their Instagram, YouTube channel, Website, Facebook and any other social that showcases a companies work. Pay attention to the quality of the contrent that they're pushing as their 'best work'.

4 - Steer clear of the cheapest company on the market. There's usually a reason why people are undercutting other comapnies to win work. Don't be stung by cowboy operators.

5 - Health and safety is key. Professional operators should always work in line with their companies Health and safety policy. This is also a document that you're in your rights to ask to see before booking in for a job. So always worth checking out before placing the order.

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