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Business warning! New CAA rules outline that hiring a non PfCO operator, could land you in trouble.

In the recent months we have seen some big changes in the drone and sUAS industory. One of these changes outlines how businesses now have a level of responsibility when hiring a remote pilot of their choice. The CAA state that should anything come to their attention through an accident or incident, and the operator is found to be working illigally (no PfCO holder) the company hiring can now be fined up to £5,000.

As a business, if you hire a non CAA approved drone operator, you are putting your company’s reputation at risk. If things go wrong, you could also (along with the offending illegal pilot)  be held liable for the property damage or personal injury. Footage could be seized by the Police and you may both face joint prosecution.

When hiring a drone pilot ALWAYS ask for a valid copy of the pilot’s CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO) and commercial insurance documents. 

Keep copies of each document on file.

Despite what an illegal drone operator may tell you, You can’t just operate a drone wherever you please. All CAA PfCO approved operators fly their drones at set distances; away from people, property, vehicles, vessels and ‘no fly zones’, gain landowners permission and fly responsibly and safely.

Always do your research and checks before hiring an operator.

Fly safe,


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