Drone Mapping and surveying holds many new and

exciting capabilities. At Airmap Limited we capture accurate data, measurable to within 20mm of accuracy. Survey grade accuracy is also available on request. For survey grade data we use ground control points and land surveyors for guaranteed accuracy.

Airmap Limited are equipped with the latest zoom inspection technology. Our drones allow us to inspect much closer than our competitors, with the use of our 30x zoom lens camera. Our zoom inspections can capture the subject at a component level. Our zoom capabilities are exceptionally useful in crowd surveillance situations.


Our drone thermal imaging service allows us to inspect for heat sources with high precision. Our technology runs both thermal and RGB cameras ran side by side for identifying in great detail. From faulty infrastructure to missing persons, pipeline inspections to security surveillance, Airmap Limited can help.


Our Photography & Videography packages are comprehensive and extremely competitive. We work closely with our clients to capture subjects and shots with accuracy and detail. With professional post editing as a further option, we aim to give you the edge on your required digital media and film.

AIRphoto & film-03.png


3D Mapping project of the historic Black Dick's Temple, Mirfield.

At Airmap Limited, we have fully qualified pilots with PfCO granted permissions from the CAA, and hold public liability insurance up to £10m. We pride ourselves in specialists drone operations including aerial mapping, zoom inspections, thermal imagery and photography & videography as our key focus cores. All staff at Airmap Limited are aerial remote pilot enthusiasts, with the same passion and drive to provide excellence, be in the office, out in the field or in the studio. Our team are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and hold this as a routed company value. 

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